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Important Communications

Important Communications


  Sr.No    Notice    Download

 Notice Regarding Insertion of Sub-Titles Addendum

2.  Notice Regarding Insertion of Sub-Titles  Download

 Undertaking for Insertion of Sub-Titles. 

4.  Regarding Duration Display of CBFC Certificate while Public Exhibition. Download
5.  Letter Regarding Anti Smoking Health Spot Download
6.   Letter Regarding  appointment on Compassionate Ground Download
                                              Anti Smoking Disclaimers Videos                                                          
Sr.No    Language   Download
1.  ASSAMESE   Download
2.  BENGALI Download
3.  ENGLISH Download
4.  GARO Download
5.  GUJARATI Download
6.  HINDI Download
7.  KANNADA Download
8.  KHASI Download
9.  MALAYALAM Download
10.  MANIPURI Download
11.  MARATHI Download
12.  MIZO Download
13.  ORIYA Download
14.  PUNJABI Download
15.  TAMIL Download
16.  TELEGU Download
17.  URDU Download